Are Your Curtains Smart Enough?


Introducing programmable blinds & curtains;
the solution for wide doors, idyllic windows &
busy schedules.

Our electric curtain track systems bring a touch of modern luxury to conference rooms and our homes through voice activation control hubs such as Alexa, pre-set timers, remote control, wall switch or smart devices; the perfect solution to ensure your interior retains as much natural light as possible during the day whilst maintaining your privacy at night, anytime, any place.

Whether you opt for light, bespoke blinds or a heavier curtain, all of our designs have the option of automation that’s guaranteed to suit your property style, including a wide selection of motors. We also offer heat and light sensors that activate your system, protecting your interior from harmful temperatures and UV damage.

Looking the part is only half the battle; complete your interior with our state-of-the-art electric operation, featuring Silent Gliss.

Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer you. 

Key benefits


• Most motors are compatible with Alexa and other voice control hubs


• Motor choices of hardwired, plug in and battery operation allow us to cater to every client and property style


• Motors can be programmed into most home automation systems or controlled by remote control, wall switch or smart device


• Any style of curtain or blind can be automated


• Ability to set scenarios such as date and times for their curtains or blinds to open and close, if abroad or at a second property


• Light & heat sensors are also available to protect furniture 


• Perfect for wide doors and tall windows